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Orchard Program

A pick me up for a child in need of their spirits raised

The Orchard Program was created to help soften the impact for children, or “Little Peaches”, who are currently undergoing treatments, undergoing procedures, or facing long hospital stays.

Parents and/or Care Providers are urged to reach out so we can quickly provide a “pick me up” for an individual child. With their guidance, a special gift will be picked from The Enchanted Peach Orchard based on the “Little Peaches” interests and passions to boost their spirit.

These “pick me ups” become a bright light that replaces anxiety, pain, and fear. Bringing hope, comfort, and joy. The positive energy aids the child in the battle with illness.

Emory Proton

Examples of items:

If you’d like to provide some of these items, please contact our team at

See the program in action

These items can offer a small, much needed reprieve for a child combating the stresses of their illness.

Emory Proton
Building Furniture

We can’t do any of it without your support.