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Southern Hospitality Program

Delivering familiarity and comfort away from home.

This broad-based hospital program was created to support children, their families, and medical teams as they manage and cope with serious illness.  

We work with our partners at Georgia hospitals and hospices to better understand what these kids really need. These items are provided to promote play and socialization as a welcome relief and distraction. They’re items that deliver the most basics of comfort.  The smallest items can make the biggest difference.

Emory Proton

The Southern Hospitality Program supplies kids in the hospital with:

If you’d like to provide some of these items, please contact our team or 770-393-9474

See the program in action

For the medical teams, we assist in crafting engaging and entertaining playrooms to foster a haven that encourages healing. We also look to source tools for medical teams that aid in empowering or distracting children during their treatment.

Emory Proton
Building Furniture

We can’t do any of it without your support.